The Golf Battle of the Sexes

The Sunday Couples Group at the Golf Club of Amelia Island played an epic Battle of the Sexes for the 2020 Christmas Cup.

Immediately following the 9-hole, Sunday competition, two lines were formed on the practice putting green behind their respective captains, Ron and Taura Lindhart. Men in one line and women in the other. Ron and Taura were appointed captains in order to keep altercations or unacceptable ruling calls within one family. At last report their marriage was still intact.

The mystery “Trillionaire Committee” directed that each line was presented with a special putter, created by Emily Gordon, along with a list of rules. To compensate for the men’s, left-handed putter, Louise Eberle a lefty, was shanghaied from the women and given to the men, but only for the duration of the competition.

Each person in line was allowed one putt at a time. Whether they hit a target prize on the putting green or not, they then moved to the end of the line to await their next turn. Prizes were lumped together on each side of the putting green for final distribution under the direction of the team captains.

Should a decorative item be knocked off one of the putters the offending team lost one prize to the other side. A special rule had to be implemented “on the fly” for Amby. He’s on blood thinners, cut his hand, and bled all over the men’s putter. In a typical display of female competitiveness, the women’s team continued to furiously play throughout the cleanup thus, putting or (putting?) the women slightly ahead in the prizes.

At the end of the competition the two special putters were presented to the MVPP or Most Valuable Putter/Player whether they wanted them or not. MVVP for women was Carole Blazek and for the men it was Jim McCann.

In the wind-down, no one remembered who won what particular prize, so they were evenly allocated by the administratively overburdened captains. There were plenty of prizes to go around. Even the ball kicker, standing at the top of the putting green, sending the balls back to the putters, received one.

The mysterious “Trillionaire Committee” has hinted that the next special competition might occur sometime around Valentine’s Day. ❤️ that idea.