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Capt. W. Patrick Gordon, M.Sc. 

Consultant: VIP Aviation & Marine  | 

Amelia Island, FL

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F-T-F-A (Fly The Friggin' Airplane) Book 1, details Patrick's early years of flying. A humorous, yet enthralling chronicle of the ups and downs of a young man from the American midwest, going through the financial and emotional turmoil, that comes with a passion that borders on obsession.


Filled with tips, warnings and advice for aviators, this book sketches a comprehensive guideline for those excited about a career in aviation, or armchair travelers who enjoy a good read about flying throughout the world. One British reader called it "A bloody good read!" The book makes a great gift.

FTFA (Fly The Friggin’ Airplane) Book One, in digital form, is now available internationally through Amazon Kindle.

In support of local bookstores printed, and if you wish, signed copies of FTFA are available.


U.S.and INTERNATIONAL readers contact:

Include your name, address, country, and zip code, for pricing, including shipping. A return email will provide cost and a secure payment method. 

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