Aviation Haiku

Blend Japanese Haiku with the modern, technical field of aviation.
Haiku is really simple. It’s an ancient form of poetry that originates from Japan Approx.1600AD.

A haiku has three lines. There can be any number of words, but there must be 5 syllables in the first line, 7 syllables in the second line and 5 syllables in the third line. Haikus do not usually rhyme. They tell a story.
First line has 5 syllables / Second line has 7 syllables / Third and final line has 5 syllables
Here are a couple of examples:
Darkness on the field
Engine ticking only sound
Days work now complete
A cold starry sky
Distant lights through the windshield
There I rest tonight
Whatever your activity in aviation; from passenger to employee, in any realm of the industry, send in your aviation based Haikus and we”ll publish them here.  No prizes. Just fun! The challenge will keep you awake during quiet times.

Tom Roth, a long time friend who has decided to change careers and fly. Good move Tom.

Turbulence plus squawk

Oops, I hit 7500

Are those F-16s?

Comment: Pretty clever there Tom. You prolly have to be in the business to understand this one. For it to work you have to read it as seven five zero zero.

Candace Coburn, a Georgia peach of a golfing buddy.

Flying in Covid

Such a great experience

No one next to me.

Comment: Better fly while you can Candace. I just heard that Delta is beginning to sell that treasured middle seat – Pat

Another by Candace. And even though she misses the aviation point here, I love oysters and it’s a pretty neat haiku

Eating an oyster

You either get it or not

Savor the flavor

Candace gets back on the aviation theme with this one.

Trays up and phone off

I’m waiting with bated breath

Time now for take off

Retired non-airline professional pilot

First flight in the back

Spent many years in the front

Wish I was up there

Evelyn McDonald, a writing friend.


A leap to the sky

Chase the pattern, spiral down

Earth binds me again.

Here’s one from Marla McDaniel, another writing friend.

Cairo lights appear

Cockpit view, landing at dusk

Captain Seth and I

The next two were sent in by Roger Hobson, Head of Airworthiness & Ground Ops at gi-Aviation in Abu Dhabi. They even have titles;

Night Flight in Hong Kong
Late night heli flight
Harbour lights underneath me
Spectacular view

Absent Friends
So many great crews
Professional to the end
A loss to us all

Submitted by Luke Robertson
“A First Officer’s Life”
A sixteen hour cruise
​Ten thousand miles, only job
To put down the gear

Captain Pat (me):
Managing Pilots
Is a lot like herding cats
​It helps to be one

JM hates to fly!

Out of the window
Floating in the cloudy sky
Thank God we’ve landed

A different JM

He is a frequent flyer taking a shot at Etihad’s competitor, Emirates Airlines 
​I like landing best
When the plane is not on fire
I’ll fly Etihad

H.O. Director of Engineering sent these next ones in. Funny how aircraft squawks are almost haikus anyway. These are a bit unfair to flight crew, don’t’cha think?
Plane late coming in
Passengers really angry
Gate attendant numb

Airplane on the ground
Spare parts stuck at gate fifteen
Here we go again

Tire almost worn out
Pilot wrote in aircraft log
Tire almost replaced

Ding dong did not work
Pilot wrote in aircraft log
​Ding dong just donged fine

Weekly check complete
Toilet pump needs replacement
Mechanics vanish

Engine change complete
The wrong engine was replaced
Q A went to lunch

Cabin crew writes fault
Coffee maker now inop
Switch is now turned on