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Classic Aerial Safaris

April 1997


In the middle of my back-swing at the Mt. Kenya Safari Club, Golf Course, I was momentarily put off by a sound I hadn’t heard in ages. After years of not hearing a particular sound it seems only faintly familiar. You hear it but the brain does a faint twanging thing as it desperately tries to catalogue it. My golf shot went wildly awry as I gawked up in amazement at a...

A Trip to Damascus

Damascus Int'l Airport.jpg

Flying over Saudi Arabia at 35,000 feet my flight crew and I were discussing our upcoming, two-day stopover in Damascus, Syria. Damascus isn't a place I visit often but it's a fascinating, history-laden city that's alluring to visit for any length of time. It well should be since it's the world's oldest, continuously inhabited city with influences ranging from its present Arab bias to ...

April 1997

Beijing by BizJet

Himalayas airplane Routing.png

From the Middle East to Beijing you have a choice of two routes. One, the most appropriate for twin-engine aircraft, is the southern route via somewhere like Dhaka, Bangladesh, then on around the eastern end of the Himalayas.
The other route, approximately two and a half hours shorter, is via Islamabad, Pakistan, 

July 1994

Kathmandu Golf


My wife, Emily, and I have made several trips to Nepal over the years. However, those trips were for the purpose of mountain trekking or river running. It never occurred to us to go to Nepal to play golf. It didn’t take much research on the Internet to find out that you really could play golf in Kathmandu, on a grass course. A full 18 holes and....

Sun Valley- a History of our Best Kept Secret


When I asked Emily to marry me, those many years ago, she said yes, but with conditions (Why is it that the women always get to set the conditions?) Condition one was that I learned to dance and condition two was that I learned to ski. I have always been too embarrassed on the dance floor  to feel comfortable but I took dancing lessons.....

Hog Tales

I am employed as an executive jet pilot (Falcon 900) in the Middle East and I have been a freelance writer for many years. Normally, I ride alone at night, especially during hot, humid summer months when the daytime temperatures are mind numbing but the nights cool to somewhere between 90 and 100°F. During the six months of non-summer, the U.A.E. (United Arab Emirates) is a biker’s paradise...

September-October 1997
Abu Dhabi Harley club.png
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