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April 1990


In the old days, he probably got there one of two ways. The first scenario is exemplified by Frank, who was hired because he showed up as the pilot when the boss took his first airplane demonstration ride. Frank smiled a lot and got his employer safely from point A to point B with a high degree of reliability. As the company blossomed, so did the flight department – and Frank’s responsibilities...

Measuring EVA for Corporate Aviation

January 1995

Designing the Perfect Business Jet.jpg

What's a flight department worth?
If you're a responsible aviation manager, EVA (Economic Value Added) is another acronym you'll be learning. EVA and ABC (Activity Based Costing) have both been around for eight to 10 years. ABC has not caused much excitement since its exposure has been primarily in accounting journals, which are not exactly escapist reading material.

Love/Hate Relationship with the FMS, a Critique



The Airbus A340, with its fly-by-wire controls commanded through a sidestick, is arguably the most highly automated airplane flying today. Its introduction has presented pilots with an entirely new realm of aviation.

Airbus Captain P. Chandler wrote as part of the Royal Aeronautical Society’s discussions on the Future Flight Deck

For Safety's Sake

June 1995


The 41st Paris Air Show flight director, Claude Martin, is in his fifth year bearing the responsibility for Presentations en Vol - flight operations safety. He ensures that all flights are conducted in accordance with safety rules specifically developed for this show. 
In view of his "day job" as a test pilot for the French Flight Test Centre, Martin relates very well to airshow pilots.

Bermuda Aircraft Registry

March 1994


Hamilton is the capitol of Bermuda, a British colony made up of 300 coral rocks, islets, and islands in the North Atlantic. It lies roughly 675 nmi east-southeast of Wilmington, N.C. It’s also home to the low profile and internationally convenient aircraft registration recognized by the three-letter prefix VR-B (Victor Romeo Bravo), followed by two additional letters

of the alphabet.

Military Pilots for Civilian Aircraft ?

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It is frequently debated that we are on the cusp of a worldwide pilot shortage and this one might even be worse than what was experienced by the airlines back in the 1960s. One only has to look at manufac-turers’ order books and retirement sche-dules to see that if a pilot is willing to move around the world to work, there will be many flying jobs. The occasional references to remote-controlled airliners...

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