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I hope you enjoy reading this collection of articles and short stories that I have written and placed on this website. The FAA morphed from the CAA in 1958, I started flying in 1963 and the NTSB was not yet even heard of. Those of us civilian pilots who began training in that era had WW2 pilots as our role models. Their main goal had been mission accomplished and not necessarily safety. It's been incredibly satisfying to experience my personal transition; from mission accomplished to mission accomplished safely. It's been fascinating to participate in an evolution that has driven the aviation industry to achieve the high safety standards we have today. If you find my writing to be interesting please take a look at the first book I have written.


F.T.F.A. “Fly The Friggin’ Airplane”

Book One


Captain W. Patrick Gordon, M.Sc.

FTFA cover.png


Foreword By Jay Mesinger, President/CEO

Mesinger Jet Sales, Boulder, CO


Pat Gordon has been a great friend for many years. We first met when Pat was heading up a large flight and management company in Abu Dhabi, UAE (The Middle East). I was invited by his company to begin to help them explore a transition for a very sophisticated fleet of business aircraft. This was a rapidly expanding region of the world that had a very robust aviation segment that was exploding in growth. As I read this book, I learned the experiences and beliefs that shaped the many very likable and trustworthy traits that I so enjoyed about Pat, including his younger years, his passion towards aviation, his passion towards people, and his rich philosophies about how to be transparent in business. This was really refreshing to me.


Coming into this region of the world for the first time, Pat’s years of life and business experience were instrumental in guiding me and shaping my success doing business with all of the cultural and interpersonal differences. His passion for aviation and his attitude of working to smile when you talk will carry you through this life adventure of Pat’s journey to put his love for flying out ahead of all things rich in his life.


In book one of Pat’s journey in aviation, the reader will come along through his early years as a pilot, almost taking on a barnstorming adventure. Watching Pat’s journey through the clarity of hindsight, you begin to see why he is so qualified to pen his life’s passion. Whether flying a Stearman, he named Betty, to Oshkosh or delivering an F-27 to Rangoon, Pat literally keeps you grounded in his adventure while soaring to new aviation heights as a student of flying, and eventually a seasoned, qualified pilot. In Pat’s early years, as he worked diligently to raise the money to stay ahead of the cost to learn to fly, Pat relates a life lesson that kept him not chasing the dollars, but in fact sticking to what he loved, and learning that the dollars will chase him. 


As you travel with Pat, you soon realize that the bigger the world became through his passion of aviation, the harder it became for him to stay grounded in his hometown, state, or even country. Pat takes on a global fixation, one that will no doubt shape the rest of his aviation career. So, buckle up and prepare to take off for an adventure.


When Pat asked me to write the foreword for his first book, I was flattered as well as thrilled. I have been involved in aviation, starting what is now a 48-year-old family aviation brokerage and consulting business. Aviation has been my passion for a lifetime as well. Surrounding myself daily with my wife and business partner, as well as my two sons, as we create opportunities for others through aircraft ownership, fulfills my passion and allows me to meet and work with the likes of Pat Gordon.

Jay Mesinger




F-T-F-A (Fly The Friggin’ Airplane) Book One, in digital format, is available internationally through Kindle E-Books.

In support of local bookstores, printed copies of FTFA are now available to U.S. & INTERNATIONAL BUYERS through Story & Song Bookstore in Fernandina Beach, FL. Email them, via Luann, through their website at


            Include your zip code for pricing, including shipping.


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